About us

I’m Sheila (dark hair), Founder of BMR.

After working for 30 years in the corporate world - longs hours, an even longer commute and with a family to look after on top of this, I realised that I had no time for me so, after seeing a post on Facebook I resolved to do something healthy and I booked a one week bootcamp.

Best decision EVER! Besides all the healthy stuff I finally had the head-space to think clearly and get my head together. Six months later I made a major decision and left my job. I went back to bootcamp and here it occurred to me that if this was something I enjoyed so much, could this be my next career move? A quick phone call to my best friend and partner in crime and it was a done deal!


I’m Jake and I think you can guess which one I am.

I work with people at all levels from complete beginners through to athletes. In addition to my work with BMR I also train private clients and I have a young son.

I completely understand how difficult it can be to get the right work / life balance so I work with you to find something that suits you, something you can work into your schedule.


I’m Ann and I worked as a professional actress and presenter before moving into teaching. I taught in schools and colleges across the UK delivering growth mindset and motivational workshops.

With a hectic family and social life, I also had very little time for myself so when Sheila approached me with the concept of setting up BMR I was instantly excited and from there Body and Mind Reboot (BMR) was born.  Since starting BMR I have also trained as a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and deliver training programmes to organisations across the UK.