Steve's Mindset Shift

We LOVE what we do here at BMR and it really makes all the hard work and effort worth it when we see the real life impact the ReBoot experiences have on people. We were joined by Dawn and Steve in the summer on probably one of the hottest weekends of the year. A lovely couple. I suspected Steve was there under duress from Dawn :-)

They had a blast and so did we! Steve took on the role of group motivator and we laughed so much we didn’t need to bother with any ab exercises! This blog is from Dawn….

“I talked my husband into going to boot camp with me as I had always wanted to do one. He is not into the gym, or anything like that, well, any physical exercise in general if I’m honest, so it was a major challenge just to get him there.

To say I am shocked and surprised by the outcome is an understatement. This could have easily gone the opposite way and he could have just got in the car and gone home.

However, to mine and my family’s amazement he thoroughly enjoyed the boot camp.  He got stuck right in and soon became the group mascot. He loved the training, the company, the venue and even the food!

Above all else it changed his attitude towards exercise and training instructors.  He is now more open minded and has a real “can do” attitude.  He felt so supported.  Nobody made him feel uncomfortable which was his biggest fear going into this.

The can do attitude, support and encourage he received in one weekend, powered him on to complete a Shine Night Walk half marathon with myself and my daughter ( on 22nd Sept, just 2 months after our ReBoot weekend).  He also finished it in a very fast time.

So proud, so happy and so so thankful for that life changing weekend with a group of like minded people of all shapes and sizes and fitness levels (including zero) that has changed his mindset.

Great work BMR we will be back.

Dawn & Steve