How not to make a healthy cheescake

So, I have never been renowned for my cooking skills however when sitting down with the team to plan menu's Jake suggested we have a sweet snack instead of a savoury for our mid afternoon break.  "Its really simple" he said, "healthy cheesecake and energy protein balls."  HMMMM........delighted that my favourite dessert was available in a simple and healthy version I excitedly said that I would make it (much to the concern of Ann!).   How hard can it be????


GF oats, peanut butter, low fat cream cheese, sugar free jelly and fresh fruit for decorating 


Melt the peanut butter, add the oats to create a tasty base

Mash up the cream cheese and add the jelly...Simples.....

Very excited off I went and started to heat the pan for the peanut butter.  The pan was so hot, when I added the butter I was met with a boom of smoke and instantly burned it......"That's OK" I told a very concerned Ann, "I will just melt some more".  Round 2 and off I go, (lingering smell of burnt PB not very pleasant).  Ta dah.....base ready now for the topping.

I start layering the cheese onto the chilled base.  Ann says "aren't you supposed to fold the jelly into the cheese?"  hmmmm..... "I dont think so?...when you see other cheesecakes they have like 3 layers so I will pop the fruit on the top jelly when it all sets.....(she wasn't convinced!)

The next day arrives and my cake has set. When Jake arrives I excitedly show him.  I can tell by the look on his face that something is not quite right.  "oh, you put the jelly on top instead of mixing it in with the cheese?"  errrrr....yes.  Ever the gent he tells me it should be ok. He tries it and I can tell by his face its not good although he tries to pretend otherwise.  There is nothing else for it,  I try it for myself and ........

OMG!!!  EEEWWWW!!!!!  burnt PB, cream cheese with jelly on top!!!  BIN.  I will try again and report back on the correctly made version !