What is Confidence?

Confidence is not about being the loudest person in the group, it is not about being the prettiest, the fittest or the most successful person.  Confidence comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone and DOING something that challenges you! 

Most of us at some stage in our lives have had to start something new, maybe a new job, a new college course, give a presentation or maybe just something simple as starting a new hobby.  The first time we do something like this we usually lack confidence because we haven’t done it before.

The first time I had to teach I had to stand up in front of 60 students & a headteacher & talk for two hours.  I was nervous & scared of being judged as I was so out of my comfort zone.

I took a deep breath & hoped for the best. By the end of the session I had accomplished the first step because I had done it!  I may have spoken at 100 miles an hour & maybe the students might not of understood me what was important is that I had given my first presentation.

The second time became easier I was more confident, my leg had stopped twitching & I was adding my personality into the sessions with some fun.  This helped me to realize I had gained confidence and had begun to relax and enjoy it.

We can be inspired by confidence in others, our boss our customers & our friends and gaining confidence from others is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success. The good news is that self-confidence really can be learned and built on.

Recently at boot-camp, three amazing girls shared a cottage. They all had different stories & personalities and their own reasons for being there. 

As the days went by the girls gradually got to know each other, they were having a joke and suggested singing out loud once any one had been to the bathroom with the words ‘The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music” (They all had a little bit of constipation).  This got them onto the subject of singing, then asking one another if anyone can actually sing?  One said she could, but she hadn’t sung for 3 years! 

It was clearly her passion, but she had put it to one side for a long time.

The other girls asked her to sing for them & after a few more days of getting to know each other & building TRUST she decided to give it a go.  She sat on the couch with a pillow in front of her and asked the girls to turn away, so they could not see her, she was clearly lacking in confidence.

She began to sing, and she was incredible.  Definitely worthy of being in a show on the West End stage.

As the week progressed she kept singing.  After singing in front of the girls she sang to a small group of us at lunch then she sang at dinner to the whole group!

To see her natural progression was mind blowing, from sitting behind a cushion to taking the roof off!  She is now searching for an agent, booking singing lessons and practicing daily.  She continues to gain confidence & is believing in herself because CONFIDENCE COMES FROM DOING !