The Bloating Dilemma

As a colonic therapist and digestive specialist I see people all day who are suffering with bloating, IBS and digestive problems, the most common descriptions they use are “I can look 6 months pregnant”, “I bloat after eating”, or “I never feel finished when I’ve been”.

If that could be you I’m delighted to reveal that trying to find the reason for how you feel is sometimes quite simple. (Even if you’ve been feeling that way for a long time!)  I share that process and what you need to do as part of my sessions at BMR.

Probably the most enjoyable part of my session is the look of ‘Ah ha’ I see on peoples faces as they realise something they’ve been doing for years has been a trigger for their problems.

As part of my session I take you through the digestive system, how it works and why it sometimes lets you down. You’ll have some handy tips to take away with you as well as other resources if you need them.

If you’re coming on the bootcamp you might like to keep a food diary for a couple of days before you come, you never know what it might tell you once we’ve unlocked the secrets of the digestive system! And the good news is there are some simple things you can do at home to help yourself once you know how….

Tracey Dell - Colonic Therapist