If you fail to plan are you planning to fail?

One of the most valued commodities for most of us is time.  We all need more of it, it goes quickly when it’s in short supply and slowly when have more than we need.

For lots of us if our routines or times get knocked out we struggle.  We sleep less, develop poor eating habits and ending up grabbing convenience or junk food on the go and skipping training sessions.  On top of this we start to become overwhelmed as our to do lists pile up.  This results in more stress and we then find ourselves stuck on a hamster wheel unable to get off.

So, the big question is how do we break the cycle?

Everything that already runs smoothly in your life is probably due to the fact that it is planned. Your morning alarm, your route to work, the school run, the way you work.

Would you turn up to work without a plan?  Do you know when you have meetings, appointments and lunch breaks? Would you take on a project from your boss or a client with no action plan to complete it?

Your fitness goals should be treated in the same manner as you treat the rest of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mum or a pro athlete.  Our advice to anyone with health and fitness goals is simple.  You need to plan and map out your week.  Use white boards, apps or just a good old fashioned diary… whatever works best for you.   Schedule in specific time for activities and stick to them.

#1 What are you eating this week and when?

#2 When are you going to do your food shop

#3 When are you going to cook?  Daily or in batches?  

#4 When are you training and what are you training?

#5 What time is the school run or the kid’s activities?

#6 When can you fit in some downtime for you?

Look at ways to reduce your stress and improve your time management.  Cook in advance or if you simply don’t have the time then consider using a local meal prep company.  Food is cooked from scratch and calories are mapped out for you making it easy for you to track your intake.  

And remember…. if you want to succeed in your fitness goals then PLANNING IS KEY