Summer Excess?

Do you agree that our Summer has been awesome?  Have you indulged in the good stuff just a little bit too much?

Fabulous days out and more moments spent outside looking up to the bright blue skies, taking in the fresh air and gazing up at a cloud free backdrop, sipping ice cold beers in the local beer garden and pouring ourselves ice cold Pinot Grigio’s, simply and purely because its hot and its holiday season, right? 

Only have I now realised that the past six weeks  I have taken my summer overindulgence a little too far, I mean to the extreme!  As I look down at my swollen tum and expanding waist line those outdoor memories have certainly made me wake up and understand that now I need to pay the price, we are approaching September and now that that those summer days are getting a little more colder I am slowly reaching for my autumn/winter wardrobe.

Reaching out for my skinny jeans that have been shoved to the back of my wardrobe for quite some time, I place one foot in one leg then the other.  I am not going to lie it was a mission…. Struggling to get them on, dancing around my bedroom in a not so sexy Russian dance then noticing my daughter giggling at my door, It was only now that I could only feel the embarrassment and realisation of how I had got to this stage, feeling uncomfortable, I peeled them off then reached for my elasticated leggings.

I don’t know about you but I feel like I have always got an excuse to reach for a drink, this is me, are you ready for my excuses?….

·       It’s a celebration (ooohhh a nice glass of bubbly to celebrate)

·       Sunday roast in my local pub (ooohhh... a nice glass of red to go with it)

·       Xmas – Just because its Christmas

·       Holiday - I have worked hard all year and deserve it

·       Works event- I need a little relaxer as I feel a bit nervous chatting to colleagues (Boost my confidence)

·       My birthday (I’m getting older and need a drink)

·       Girls/Boys get together (Always involves alcohol, not really quite sure why tbh)

·       I’m OUT OUT (Need to let my hair down feeling stressed)

·       Romantic dinner with a loved one (Wine menu is the first thing you see, so why not)

·       Day in the office (Hectic day or stuck in traffic- I NEEEEEEED a drink)

·       Argument with the husband

·       Husbands stressed at work he needs a drink a companion to go the pub!

·       My daughter’s hormones causing me a headache, I need a drink!

·       Blah Blah Blah

The list goes on….  It has become the norm, a habit!

Kids are back to school soon and now is the time for me to get out of this holiday mode and get my ass into gear, I am NOT going to buy a whole new wardrobe, It is time to take action, once schools are back, I have no excuse of childcare or its too hot or just pure laziness I am going to get myself a timetable planner and pencil in a walk, a run anything to get back into jeans and feel comfortable again, I need to take personal responsibility! Go sober for October is just around the corner who's in?

Oh damn my birthdays October !!! Another EXCUSE!