Gail's Reboot

I asked Gail to write a blog for us.  Gail is an inspirational woman!  She inspires me every day to be a more positive person and to enjoy life to the full.  Its not always easy but with the right mindset and determination we can all do it.  Gail asked to me tidy this up if it was too raw…..  I didn’t.  These are her words and she says that is was very cathartic to get them out on paper.

“Life was bad.  I had lost my partner for life. OK we had our ups and downs but we envisaged a retirement together.  Then three years ago he found a tumour but we battled forth, and he went through surgery twice and then the dreaded radiation & finally chemo. 

Unfortunately the last 6 months were awful and my life was left upside down.  I spiralled downwards after losing him. I had two great kids and support of my sister, and after 7 months wallowing in grief I knew I had to do something!  I had left my job and knew I had to find something else.   

I found a PT, Ashley, and a week before my consultation I unfortunately broke my wrist.  Poor Ashley had a grieving widow, with quite a few extra pounds & a broken wrist!  But Ashley was great & I found myself working hard.  I started finding hobbies that I loved but I needed an extra boost. 

I saw an advert on Facebook for Body & Mind Reboot and thought this is what I need.  I told my sister you are coming with me.  She had her own health problems, but being my sister she said emphatically “yes I am up for it.” 

We sent through our questionnaires worried that Louise wouldn’t be accepted due to her heart problems.  But no - the right questions were asked by BMR and we nervously booked on our 5 day bootcamp. 

We questioned ourselves over the next few weeks.  Nervously the day arrived and we wondered how two late 50 year old’s would cope with bootcamp generalisations. 

We arrived, a gym session was on and Sheila and Ann came out to greet us.  We relaxed, our new lives had begun. 

As sisters we have always been slightly competitive but it was with us not against us. 

Jake our PT saw us individually, we chatted about our woes and aches & pains -  he must have heavy shoulders to take us on board.  He chatted to us about our diet, our outlook on life without being intrusive. 

We started our sessions with some exercise in some really great English weather.  Rain and more rain.  We had about 5 sessions per day, weights, circuits, boxing & HIIT sessions.  Jake motivated us without the army camp yelling, and if he could see we were struggling would switch to a different exercise.   

We met some other great ladies all going through their own new beginnings and made some lovely new friends.  Then we pushed ourselves even further with the indoor body-boarding & surfing. 

What were we thinking?  Two nearly 60 year old’s - what were we doing?  But WOW what a great feeling. 

We did it and we showed our younger counterparts that old is the new you!   

In between these sessions we had some goal setting and mindfulness chats which enlightened us to what life could be! 

We enjoyed nutrition talks and even though you think you know everything, there is always more to learn. 

Yoga in the evening stretched us out and we coped with the extra aches and pains with hot tub sessions. 

We enjoyed great food, that wasn’t just salads that carried us forward to the next day!  I have even since cooked some of the recipes at home, as we were given all the recipes at the end of the week. 

This was new territory for us. No alcohol to numb the ache of losing a soul mate but this was a newness of fulfilment and a start of a new beginning. 

Ann and Sheila and BMR made the sun shine again for us all.  I have since joined a new gym and find I love working out!  I have now completed two Reboots and booked on my third one, even managing to get some friends to join us!  Your health is priceless! “