Born Talented ?

Are we born naturally talented at something or can we learn with hard work and effort?

When I was in secondary school I absolutely adored sports. I often received awards in assembly and often participated in the boys teams too! I was passionate, and loved the competition.

My PE teacher, Gabby Corolla was a funny Scottish lady who made my PE lessons fun. Much better than boring maths lessons. I actually bumped into her last year after 30 years in the local chippy! (Yes 30 years OMG and yes, I do eat chips!)

She hadn’t changed, she gave me the most warm and welcoming hug like it was yesterday.

She was the person who encouraged me to try volleyball 🏐 I was lucky to be naturally talented at a variety of sports, however volleyball was completely different, it hurt and to be honest I was rubbish!

After encouragement, perseverance and practice I improved and stuck at it!  I took personal responsibility and I looked at how I could improve more.

Miss Corolla introduced a growth mindset to my training. We tried different strategies and techniques and my natural talent began to improve. This was because I had put in the hard work and effort to get better!

I worked on my time management I had to travel on a bus and two trains to my coaching sessions. It wasn’t easy. I realised I could not just get by on my natural talent. I had to make it happen through hard work and effort!

I took on board feedback and my success wasn’t instant. Eventually I went from playing for the school team to playing for Manchester United, Ladies Division One Team and then on to represent my country. At the age of 19, I I was playing for England!

This was something that I had only ever had dreamed about. It was finally a reality. My success was due to my attitude!

My way of thinking and adopting a growth mindset, enabled me to take on board feedback (criticism to some), to not to fear failure and to plan a step by step approach to reach my goals.

I would not have been successful had I just waited for it to happen. Anything we really want in this life that makes a difference to us comes with hard work and effort. You want it? Are you prepared to work for it?

Ann Marie RobinsonComment