At BMR we don't believe that a limited diet is a realistic way to train.  We provide you with simple, healthy and delicious food. Your macros and calories are planned to ensure that you get the best results during your time with us and we provide you with three main meals and two snacks per day to re-fuel and re-energise your body. You will not be hungry.

When you leave us you will receive all of the recipes for the meals you have had so you can recreate the meals at home.   

We cater for all dietary requirements.  Just let us know at the time of booking.

fruit salad.jpg

Typical Menu


Scrambled Eggs, Spinach and Tomatoes


Banana Protein Loaf


Tuna & Greek Salad with Pasta


Vegan Choco Energy Balls


Capcay Goreng Indonesian Stir Fry