September Reboot

Here is a selection of some of our favourite moments from the weekend! It has been truly amazing! An average of 5โ€ loss per person from Friday to Monday!!

Our next ReBoot is 23/11/2018.

Receive a free treatment if booked before the end of September.

Amazing bunch of ladies smashing out the boxing!!!
Team pic sept.jpg

2019 Dates and payment plans

We have now added all of the dates and payment plans for 2019 to our website.

Please take a look and get those 2019 dates in the diary.

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home workout kits

Workout from the comfort of your own home with these 3 home fitness kits.

Each kit includes 3 workouts from Jake.

  • Upper body

  • Lower body

  • Cardio/core

Workout Package 1.jpg

recommended reading

As we know a lot of health and well-being comes from being healthy in mind so we have added a reading list to the website now with a click through to Amazon for all of our favourite books. I would recommend the Carol Dweck Mindset book and Stop Thinking, Start Living.

I have also included the 2 books that Karl recommended this weekend as well.