Guest Testimonials

From the BMR Barn to the XFactor! Having come to a BMR reboot for a seven day stay we found out that Andrea had a beautiful singing voice. What she didn't have was the confidence to follow her dreams. 8 months and 3 reboots later she has only gone and made it to the XFactor semi finals in the Choir performing with Scarlett Lee.

Have the courage to take that first step and do something every day that takes you towards your dreams :)

I’ve just completed 7 days at Body & Mind Reboot. It was not what I expected at all. It was life changing. This was not just a boot camp it really did give me a mind reboot as well as a body reboot. I left feeling fit, healthy with the confidence to start singing again which is something I have always wanted to do. I also made some great friends. I can’t recommend it enough!
— Andrea, London
Second time around at a reboot and couldn’t have enjoyed it more! Great opportunity to centre myself, focus on me and set some new year goals. Positive approach, non-judgemental and very focused on the individual. Thank you, your advice has really helped me!
— Vicky W, Manchester
An awesome experience from start to finish. From the delicious food to the knowledgeable trainers it really made me mindful of what healthier choices I could make in my life. Whether you’re searching for a way to jumpstart your routine or even if you’re a complete amateur there’s really something here for everyone. You’ll be in great hands and be so glad you chose to take this time for yourself.
— So Cal Val, Milton Keynes