Why our bootcamps?


Our bootcamp programmes are designed to help you build a positive relationship with food and find ways to be active that suit your lifestyle and support you in achieving your goals. 

Keeping it simple, sustainable and consistent is the key to success when looking for long term life style changes.  We don’t believe that a strict and limited diet is a realistic way to train.  We provide well balanced meals that leave you feeling nourished and energised.


  • A quick fix

  • A fat camp

  • Going to starve you

  • A spa / hotel

  • Delivering unsustainable programs


  • About your personal journey

  • Keeping it simple and sustainable

  • Long term changes

  • Working to your level

  • Educational

  • Supportive

  • Friendly

  • Most importantly Fun!



A great combination of training and food.  A great mix of ages, backgrounds and all different fitness abilities. Trainers were perfect!  I thought I couldn’t do it and really surprised myself with just how much I did!! I would highly recommend!!'

Lisa, Milton Keynes